About DryTie

Four reasons to buy a DryTie:
  1. No more trips to the dry cleaner
  2. No more embarrassing messes
  3. No more losing good ties to bad stains
  4. Perfect gift for the missionaries, dads, husband, or other men in your life.

The DryTie is a tie that never gets wet. Not only does it stay dry, but it repels all liquids with a treatment that lasts for years, not weeks.

This video contains a quick demonstration.

How Does The DryTie Work?

The DryTie has a superhydrophobic coating that repels water (superhydrophobic treatments are a step above treatments that are only hydrophobic). We have searched the world and use the best superhydrophobic treatments available. Unlike most superhydrophobic sprays available to consumers, our treatments do NOT effect the look or feel of the tie. Almost all the sprays you can buy in the United States have a chalky texture and cover items with a light haze. Not what you want on clothing!

We use the best treatment techniques available and have strict quality control to make sure every tie meets our high standards. When better cost effective treatments are available, we will upgrade our ties to keep producing the highest quality liquid repellent ties possible.

If for some reason you aren't happy with your purchase, all DryTie's can be returned, exchanged, or replaced for 60 days after purchase. We may even take them back after that. For LDS missionaries, replacements or refunds are officially available for two years.